International Academic Conference e-methodology


Od 15.03.2018 do 16.03.2018


CNIM, Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu


Na Międzynarodową Konferencję "e-metodologia" zaprasza Katedra Zdrowia Publicznego przy Wydziale Nauk o Zdrowiu. Konferencja odbędzie się w dniach 15-16 marca 2018 na Uniwersytecie Medycznym we Wrocławiu.

Rejestracja na konferencję odbywa się poprzez poniższy formularz:

International Academic Conference “e-methodology” is dedicated to the difficulties connected with research in social sciences and humanities conducted by means of the Internet, as well as the opportunities that it provides. We accept theoretical lectures on this subject and lectures presenting the results of research conducted on or by means of the Internet (understood as a research environment and/or a research tool). We would like the authors to pay special attention to the specificity of “Internet methodology”.
We propose three sections:
1) “About the Internet” – Theory (Theoretical papers on the difficulties and the opportunities created by using the Internet in scientific research)
2) “On the Internet” – Research (The results of research conducted by means of the Internet)
3) “With the Internet”
–Projects (Project reports and research/educational projects presenting the opportunities provided by using the Internet)
–Practice (communication with the patient/client via the Internet, problems of self-diagnosis on the Internet, use of new technologies in the promotion of health)