Wroclaw Medical University (WMU)
Wroclaw Medical University consists of 5 faculties: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health and Postgraduate Education. The total number of chairs and clinics is 107. Altogether, 891 academic professors and teachers work at the Medical University and about 3 500 students continue their studies. Wroclaw Medical University has 22 international agreements of co-operation signed with other universities abroad. The university is involved in the research and educational programmes: the 5th, 6th, 7th  Framework Programme, COST, SOCRATES-ERASMUS, and Leonardo da Vinci.
Wroclaw is an active Centre of medical student education. The process of teaching is realised by a team of highly qualified specialists. The Medical University also performs a wide range of scientific activities and provides the whole region of Lower Silesia with highly specialised medical care.

Research activities of scientists employed in Wroclaw Medical University cover – among others – following areas: Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Oncology, Paediatrics (Asthma, Allergy), Medical Microbiology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology,  advances in the diagnostics and treatment of viral hepatitis and HIV infection, mental and clinical studies on transplantation medicine, study on anti-ageing medicine.
Staff of Wroclaw Medical University sit on the editorial boards numerous international journals.
Wroclaw  Medical University’s list of research projects in last 5 years (in area of life science and related):

No. Project name Found Total amount
Duration time
  EPICSTENT – “Antibody-funcionalised cardiovascular stents for improved biocompability and reduced restenosis” FP7
Marie Curie Actions IAPP
477120 2013 - 2017
  IntReALL - International study for treatment of childhood relapsed ALL 2010 with standard therapy, systemic integration of new agents, and establishment of standardized diagnostic and research.”
Coordinator:  Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
FP 7
515350 2011 - 2016
  “SICA-HF - Studies Investigating Co-morbidities Aggravating Heart Failure”
Coordinator:  Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin
FP 7
310148 2009 - 2014
  “BIOSTAT-CHF - A systems biology study to tailored treatment in chronic heart failure”
Coordinator:  University medical Center Groningen,
Department of Epidemiology
FP 7
653332 2010 - 2015
  “BIOELECTRICSURFACE- Electrically Modified Biomaterials’ Surfaces: from Atoms to Applications”
Coordinator: University of Limerick, The Materials & Surface Science Institute
FP 7
431320 2008 - 2011
  “GABRIEL - A Multidisciplinary Study to Identify the Genetic and Environmental Causes of Asthma in the European Community"
Coordinator: Imperial College of Science Technologyand Medicine
FP 6 257842 2006 - 2010
  “Caries protection of erupting permanent first molars in children” EEA grants 304866 2009-2011